Dad whose little daughter died of cancer tattoos her last note on his body

A man decided to etch the memory of his late daughter into his subconscious mind forever by inking his last words onto his skin.

The deceased unfortunately died of cancer at a very tender age and his loving dad has now immortalized her by tattooing his body with the last words contained in a note she gave to him.

In a post he shared on social media, the man wrote; ”My daughter died of cancer before she died she made this drawing for me, now I wear it on my skin.”

The corresponding photo of “I love you dad” which appears to be the girl’s last words has been shared and it’s emotional.

Netizens who felt gripped by the story have shared their opinion about it;

@Whats4_T_MattyD; Brung a tear to the eye that has. As parents, we take the little things for granted way too much. Even just waking my kids of a morning I’ll try to enjoy every morning I can

@GrazaWhu; Can’t even imagine having to go through that. Hopefully that helps him through.

@DragonLord1975; I’ve seen stuff like this on #InkMaster years ago. Tugs at the heartstrings. Not only is the ink forever, the BOND between father and child is forever. THAT’S the message.

@RedBloodYNWA; Heartbreaking. I literally had to go in to the girls room wake them up and give them a hug after seeing that. I don’t know how people find the strength to continue on after that.

@steveleavis; Absolutely heartbreaking and inspiring in the same moment. More strength than I could show. God bless your daughter. I’m off to thank the Lord I’ve still got mine. Kudos to you.

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